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Mr. Nikolaos Stamatopoulos

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In Greece, where economy and institutional bodies have a highly centralized structure, the representation in Athens is a sine qua non condition for any law firm wishing to provide effective legal services to international clients, especially in matters involving litigation and administrative procedures of all kinds.

For such services located in Athens Matsos & Associates continuingly enjoy since 2004 the reliable support of Mr. Nikolaos Stamatopoulos, a member of Stamatopoulos & Stamatopoulos law office, on an of counsel level.

Mr. Stamatopoulos is an alumnus of the German School of Athens. He has studied law at the University of Mainz, Germany. He succeeded the First State Examination of the state of Rheinland-Pfalz in 1999. Since 2001 he is admitted at the Athens Bar as Dikighoros (attorney-at-law in Greek law) at Areios Pagos (the Supreme Court of Greece). Mr. Stamatopoulos specializes in matters of civil and labour law.

His native language is Greek. As a graduate of a German University, Mr. Stamatopoulos is fluent in German and, furthermore, in English. He also undertakes the translation, review and certification of tranlations of legal documents for domestic and foreign law firms and translation offices .